Bushy Grass

The right plants and planting designs can drastically transform your yard or garden. Planting for the season assures that you will enjoy your yard all year round.

Dry Creek Bed and Bridge

Dry creek beds can be a great addition to any yard or garden. Along with adding a fantastic new feel to your property, dry creek beds can also help with controlling rainwater drainage.

Pondless Bubbler Water Feature

Water features such as waterfalls and ponds are quite popular, but we also create features such as this pondless bubbler fountain. This feature is something that is enjoyable no matter the season.

Willamette Family Medical Center

Another beautiful water feature we built at the Willamette Family Medical Center. This is a great non-profit medical facility that helps many people from all walks of life.  We were proud to be a part of the team to create such a relaxing ambiance for people in a time of need!

Beautiful Water Feature

Water features and ponds are one of our specialties.  We create beautiful, natural settings that you can enjoy all year long.  There is something about the sound of water falling over rocks that creates a soothing experience like no other.

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