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We Know Hiring A Designer & support team for your project Can Be A Frustrating Process

We've hired contractors too, so we understand exactly how you feel. Having filled many roles in this industry, helps us bring a unique perspective. We understand what it takes to bring together a successful team to build a project. Hiring a Designer to guide you through your project is a big decision, and it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Let us help answer your questions & guide you along the

garden path.

We can help

We've been serving our clients since 1981 as Farwest Gardens. When it comes to the Gardening & Landscape world, we've seen so much, yet still learn something new every day.

With all the options available today, having a garden guide with extensive experience you can trust, is more important than ever.

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Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of first & foremost, YOU and the circle of friends & family that surround YOU !

We use our extensive knowledge, love of the craft & life experiences, to guide you along the garden path.

Your guide for this tour, is Dan Fahndrich & his many connections over the years with industry peers, suppliers, educators, & gardeners that have gone before us.

And of course all the experiences you all have shared with us over the years of your most prized possession, which would be the safety of your home, this magical place we can be ourselves & share life's private experiences with our close family & friends.

Thank you so much for allowing me to peek into your world & set a spell, gently guiding your desired enhancements.

I was born in Puerto Rico & lived with my family in Texas, California and six years in Tepic, Nayarit Mexico. During my childhood the family traveled so often that by the age of fourteen I had been in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, all over Mexico, 48 states in the USA & three provinces of Canada. These childhood adventures exposed me to a wide range of habitat from rain forests to extreme Death Valley Desert & everything in between. Some of my favorite outings were collecting tropical plants in the jungle on the way back from the beach to our home in Mexico & the loads of rocks we hauled from opal mines to “wow” look what I found along the road. Of course these loads slowed the Volkswagen down quite a bit, and on backroads we would have to get out and help push up the hill.

We moved to Oregon so we could attend High school and I have lived here in the Salem area most of my life. I have of course taken advantage of the “on the road again” thinking and made many trips to expand my horizons. This has influenced my love for gardening, playing in the dirt as an artist, and being a watershaper.

Over the years I have been fortunate to share my fascination of styles from different lands that leads us to our unique blend of style in the Northwest. I have always respected the ones that have gone before us and have learned a great deal from many great gardeners I ‘ve had the privilege to know.

I have been in the landscape profession in one arena or another since 1976. I have been a founding board member, committee chair and local chapter president of the Oregon landscape contractors association. I ‘ve also served 7 years with the Oregon landscape contractors board setting policy as a member and chairman.

My life has been a blessing that has allowed me to enjoy the publicity and success of being in Time magazine and many other media as one of the founders of a gardening website with the second highest traffic.

Thankfully I have many clients that have allowed me to create wonderful gardens for them that have been on garden tours and published. The greatest reward is when I see families enjoy the concepts and use the lifestyle we have created for them.

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